Former ASUN President Falls into Political Career




Walk into a hearing of the Assembly Judiciary Committee and you’ll see Assemblyman Jason Frierson of Clark County running the show.Frierson was elected in November 2010, serving his first session in 2011. Prior to becoming a legislator, Frierson worked as a lobbyist and also spent time working as a recruiter for the University of Nevada, Reno. This, however, isn’t Frierson’s only tie to the University. He also attended UNR and was extremely involved while he was there. Frierson was a running back for the Wolf Pack football team and was also in a fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi.  That’s not all. Frierson was the President for the Associated Students of the University of Nevada.  It was these opportunities, he said, that helped get him to where he is today.

“I think that being involved at UNR, the way I was with student government in particular, it really gave me a unique opportunity to learn about the process and find ways that I could contribute,” Frierson said.

With the background Assemblyman Frierson has, you might think that he always wanted to go into politics, but he says it was just a natural fit.

“I was always interested. I saw it as a hobby, not a career.  If I could go back I maybe would’ve double majored in poli-sci or something,” Frierson said. “I just thought it was a hobby, but it was something that naturally came, it just happened.”

Assemblyman Frierson majored in health science while at UNR and wasn’t originally planning on going into politics. He describes his history in politics as opportunities just presenting themselves—from the opportunity to run for student body president in high school, to the chance to run for President of ASUN at UNR, and the opportunity to become a legislator. According to Frierson, he was lobbying at the legislature because his ties allowed him to, and it was then that he considered running for election.

“I really wanted to take my time and make sure it was the right time for me,” Frierson said. “So fortunately, when I got a call from the then Speaker, Buckley, you know you don’t get that call every day, and I was ready when I got the call.”

Since Frierson’s election in 2010, he has gained the position of Assistant Majority Leader and Chairman of the Assembly Judiciary Committee. And these are the things that Frierson says he wants to focus on during this session.

“I am focused on being the best Assistant Majority Leader and Chairman of Judiciary I can. I do have several of my own bills, but that kind of takes a backseat to the overall picture and helping the team move forward,” Frierson explained.

Although Frierson said the team is his main focus, he definitely isn’t lacking when it comes to bills. According to the Nevada Legislature website, Frierson currently has 14 bills for the session that he is a primary sponsor on, and 11 that he is co-sponsoring. But he won’t prioritize those for you if you ask.

“One of the many lessons I learned last session was that when you look at the bills that way, you start to lose sight of the big picture,” Frierson said.

Frierson does acknowledge that he has a lot of good bills up this session, most of which he says aren’t out yet, but he also says that he would be okay if none of his bills got passed, as long as he did a good job this session.

This article was also published by The Nevada Sagebrush on 03.04.2013.