Students Hope for Stronger Voice in Education System


Today the Assembly Committee on Education unanimously passed a joint resolution that would add a student regent to the Nevada Board of Regents. The student would be appointed by the board and would have full voting powers, just like any other regent.

A group of students testified in support of the bill on behalf of the Associated Students of the University Nevada. One of those students was Rama Raja. Raja works in the Department of Legislative Affairs in ASUN. He says the bill is important because it gives students a voice with the Board of Regents that they do not currently have.

Ben Pelt was another student who testified at the hearing. He also stressed the importance of giving students a voice.

Because the resolution would make an amendment to the Nevada Constitution, it would have to pass both the Assembly and Senate. Then it would need to be approved twice on a ballot voted on by the public.

The resolution did not receive any opposition or neutral testimony during the hearing.

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