Actor Nicolas Cage: “Everyone wants to come to Nevada to make a movie.”

Actor Nicolas Cage walks from the Legislature building in Carson City on May 7, 2013. Photo by Natasha Vitale

Actor Nicolas Cage walks from the Legislature building in Carson City on May 7, 2013. Photo by Natasha Vitale


“I’m Nicolas Cage and I’m an American filmmaker,” said the actor to the Senate Committee on Revenue and Economic Development this morning. Along with Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Cage testified in favor of a movie tax incentive bill, promising to use his connections in the industry to help spark a filmmaking boom in Nevada if the measure becomes law.

Introduced by Sen. Aaron Ford, Senate Bill 165 allows the “Office of Economic Development to approve and issue a certificate of transferable tax credits to a producer that produces a qualified film or other production in this State under certain circumstances.”

“Nevada is currently the only western state that does not offer incentives for film making,” said Sen. Debbie Smith.

Cage, a resident of Las Vegas, says that states like California and Louisiana have been the face of America in the international community. He added, “California is making it economically unfeasible to shoot movies.”

Goodman admitted that Nevada isn’t “even in the game at all when it comes to movies.”

During his testimony, Cage discussed the beauty of the Silver State in reference to its potential future on the silver screen. “Nevada should be the new face of America to the international community,” he said.

Ford, Goodman and Cage all agree that passing SB165 would provide jobs for the state along with benefitting Nevada culturally and economically.

“I’m trying to make an impact on the culture and the perception of Nevada,” said Cage. “People want to visit places they’ve seen in movies. It happened with “Lord of the Rings” [franchise], people went to New Zealand.”

“I think I can safely say for all of us that we would like to see National Treasure 3 filmed in Nevada,” said Sen. Ben Kieckhefer.

Although Nevada will get a late start on filmmaking, Cage believes the state will not be at a disadvantage. The actor currently has four scripts that he said could be shot in Nevada.

“Everyone wants to come to Nevada to make a movie,” said Cage.

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