Sandoval Vetoes Four More Bills


Since Thursday, Gov. Brian Sandoval has vetoed four more bills. This brings the number that were approved by the legislature this session but vetoed by Sandoval up to 12. Here’s a breakdown of the bills that didn’t make it past the governor:


Vetoed on Thursday night,  Assembly Bill 209 would’ve allowed the sale of raw milk throughout Nevada. Sandoval cited state Health Officer Tracey Green’s concern that raw milk is 150 times more likely to cause food-borne illness than pasteurized milk.

“The Food and Drug Administration, the American Medical Association and our own health officer agree that Assembly Bill 209 presents significant public health risks,” Sandoval said in his veto message.


Vetoed on Friday, Assembly Bill 440 would’ve allowed people to register to vote as late as 5 p.m. before the Tuesday election. In his veto message, Sandoval noted that people now can register as late as three weeks before an election.

“There is no indication these deadlines are detrimental to Nevada’s voting process, or need to be changed,” he said.


Assembly Bill 240 would’ve revised provisions governing contracts for services entered into by certain public employers. The bill would’ve ended the 30-year-old legal doctrine that in a wrongful death or injury case, a negligent defendant is “limited to his or her proportionate share of fault.”

The bill passed through the Assembly without opposition in the Assembly, but was opposed by  all 10 Republicans in the Senate.


The governor also vetoed SB312, which would’ve made various changes concerning victim impact panels. More specifically, the bill would’ve given the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) regulatory control over said panels; the panels review driving deaths caused by drinking or drugs.

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