New Midtown Reno restaurant offers raw, vegan treats

REVISE: The menu at The Seed was recently revised. It now features a Pho soup and several varied ingredient bowls. / Photo by Erin Meyering

The menu at The Seed was recently revised, so that itt now features Pho and several varied ingredient bowls. / Photos by Erin Meyering


The Seed, a raw, vegan café nestled under yoga and wellness establishment The Studio in Reno, is a strikingly unique restaurant—even for the Midtown area.

The Seed opened just a couple of months ago and its space truly seems to provide a sense of calm to its inhabitants. On top of that, it is the only restaurant in the area to serve all raw, vegan treats.

First off, raw food is generally uncooked and unprocessed—picture incredible textures, seeds, nuts and fresh produce. Zachary Cannady, one of main chefs at The Seed, described the preparation as 99 percent raw because they sometimes use maple syrup and olive oil, two ingredients not traditionally considered raw.

Earlier this week, I was The Seed’s first volunteer sous chef.

My first task was to help prepare a berry “cheesecake” with a crust made from almonds, raisins, shredded coconut and vanilla. The oil from the crushed almonds was enough to bind the ingredients together. Watching the crust form from a gritty, nutty texture and ingredients combine was calming, in itself. Patience is key.

Cannady continually demonstrated patience throughout my raw food prep debut. As we sprouted mung beans and lentils, and I washed the beans several times, he gently guided me if I had questions. This was my first time working with him and  already he had given me his sense of trust.

This is what The Seed brings to the local food scene: Trust. Trust in food, trust in raw delicacy and the experience.


The Seed chef Zachary Cannady demonstrates the process of preparing raw food, which he says is all about cooking with intention.

Through this method of food preparation, The Seed and its contributing members—both staff and volunteers—hope to create a sense of well-being and nourish the community.

Cannady described The Seed’s sense of success as being extremely nontraditional in comparison to most business models. He asserted that success at The Seed comes from integrity within and ideals shared with others, not necessarily loads of money.

For an idea of what The Seed prepares, the lunch special on Wednesday was surprisingly filling cashew pâté lettuce wraps and heart-warming spiced tomato soup toped with pine nuts and an olive oil swirl.

The Seed tries to keep it local by purchasing their spices and fresh herbs from Lost City Farms, an urban farm in Midtown. In addition, the Seed gets a lot of their fresh produce through the Great Basin Food Co-op, who deal directly with many local farmers.

Overall, the experience of volunteering at such a unique establishment was eye opening and left me with a strong sense of contentment. Trying something new may not be the easiest and raw food may not be for everyone but the idea at The Seed is to give it a go.

The Seed is located at 1085 S. Virginia St. in Reno.