Campus Carry Bill Passes through Nevada Assembly 

By Walanya Vongsvirates, @Walanyav and Conner Board, @ConnerBoard CARSON CITY, Nev. – The Nevada Assembly passed Assembly Bill 148, also known as Campus Carry, on Monday but not without major revisions, including the removal of day care facilities and airports from the bill language. The bill passed with a 25-15

Guns n’ Politics – A Podcast on Assembly Bill 148

  In this second episode of the podcast “Guns N’ Politics”, reporters Conner Board and Alex Stewart discuss the first hearing on Assembly Bill 148 at the Nevada Legislature. AB148 would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry their gun on Nevada educational facilities, including day cares, schools and university campuses.


Reporters Walanya Vongsvirates During the 78th session of the Nevada Legislature, Walanya is focusing on the campus carry bill, AB 148, which would allow people with concealed carry permits to carry concealed weapons on educational facilities, including a university campus. Email | Twitter | LinkedIn | Website Walanya is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism, with a

Student Leaders at UNR pass resolutions against the campus carry bill

By Walanya Vongsvirates, @walanyav University of Nevada, Reno students packed into the Assembly Judiciary hearing this morning to be a part of the discussion on AB148, a bill that revises provisions governing concealed firearms, also known as “Campus Carry” on the UNR campus. UNR students are concerned with two assembly bills