Comprehensive Immigration Reform Resolution Moves on to Congress


The Assembly voted on Senate Joint Resolution 15 during their floor session earlier today. The bill urges congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform.

Many of the Assembly members took time to speak to the importance of passing the bill. Assemblyman James Ohrenschall was one of those who spoke in favor of SJR 15.

“Unless you’re a Native Americans, we are a nation of immigrants,” Ohrenschall said.

Assemblymen Lynn Stewart, James Healey, Pat Hickey, Randy Kirner and Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton also spoke in favor of the bill. S.J.R. 15 met little opposition in both the Senate and the Assembly. It was passed unanimously in the Senate in the beginning of April.

However, one Assemblyman did speak in opposition to the bill during today’s floor session. Assemblyman Ira Hansen spoke of how the middle class lifestyle would be threatened if the measure were to pass.

“Legal immigrants are competing against illegal immigrants,” Hansen said.

Hansen said he would be more willing to be in favor of the bill if it was more generic. Despite Hansen’s comments, SJR 15 passed with a vote of 37-3 on the Assembly Floor. Now that both chambers of the Legislature have approved the resolution, it will be sent on the United States Congress.

“We’ve built walls around the American dream,” said Assemblywoman Carlton. This bill will help break down those walls, she believes.