Coalition helps immunize Nevadan communities


Flu season is still months away, but that isn’t stopping statewide coalition Immunize Nevada from giving everybody a chance to get flu shots for free. The coalition’s goal is to make sure they help provide vaccines for everyone in Nevadan communities.

Immunize Nevada partnered up with Amerigroup and Walgreens for the event at Miguel Rivera Park in Reno, and had doctors on hand to give people 7 years and older their flu shots.

Heidi Parker, executive director of Immunize Nevada, said the sooner people can get flu shots, the more prepared they will be during the colder days of fall and early winter.

“It’s September, so people might think that’s kind of early, but it’s actually the best time to get a flu vaccine,” Parker said.

Attendees were not required to have health insurance or identification to receive shots. Parker said helping at-risk communities are critical since they may not have access to quality health care.

“The ones at risk—the ones lacking the most resources in our community—tend to be the ones we want to make sure that they do have that opportunity to get immunized,” Parker said.