Reno artist supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month with collage


Both from side
A set of breast molds made from plaster that will be mounted on wood to create a
collage. / Photo by Nikki Zander

Brett Silva is a Reno artist whose art captures his models’ body parts in great detail. The 31-year-old is a lifecasting artist, meaning he replicates the living human body using alginate and plaster to make a three-dimensional mold. With a finished casting, Silva uses paint to create a lasting, lifelike canvas for art.

In support of breast cancer awareness month, Silva’s latest project “Art For the Cure” has him casting women’s breasts to create a collage, intended to raise money for breast cancer.

“I just know people who are affected by it [like] my mom’s friends and my aunt,” Silva said. “I just wanted to try to raise money for them.”

This sketch made by Silva shows how the piece will look once  complete.
This sketch made by Silva shows how the piece will look once

This giant mural of bosoms – 126 pairs, to be precise – will stand over five-feet wide and eight-feet tall, weighing an estimated 170 pounds. The women in this mural will be volunteers who have had or know someone that has been affected by breast cancer. There is a $75 fee to be molded, a small amount of which goes toward materials; the remaining amount will be used as part of the piece’s donation. Fees will be waived completely for breast cancer survivors.

Once all of the molds are finished, they’ll be arranged in a 7-by-18 formation, with the famous pink breast cancer ribbon pained across the middle of the collage.

Silva predicts the final product will have already raised over $4,400 before it goes up for auction. Once the piece is sold, the auction price and the models’ fees will be combined for a lump sum of $5 thousand. All of the money will be donated toward breast cancer research.

To participate in “Art For the Cure”, contact Silva at