City of Reno granted $39,000 to combat underage drinking


Reno hosts a number of pub crawls throughout the year, from holiday-specific to themed crawls like the Superhero crawl. These events are popular among University of Nevada, Reno students and, consequently, many young adults use the chatotic events as an opportunity to drink underage.

Join Together Northern Nevada is part of a larger effort to combat underage drinking at public events. The organization has awarded the Reno Police Department $39,000 and $13,000 annually to organize stings to help combat this problem.

“Some of these stings occur pre-event, maybe a week in advance,” Reno Police Chief Steve Pitts said. “If we have Hot August Nights, we’ll run a pre-event [sting] to calculate some numbers, maybe review certain types of alcohol-related problems, but we will also run them during the event.”

The Pirate Crawl, a recent pub crawl in Reno, resulted in four locations being fined for serving alcohol to minors, including Rise, 1UP, Bar and Harrah’s Plaza. The fine for serving alcohol to minors is $500. Eighty percent of the venues were found to be in compliance with alcohol laws.

The money provided by the grant will also be used to help with educational and intervention programs, and also cover the cost of stings during public events.