UNR seeks to expand downtown presence with new building


The University of Nevada, Reno announced a proposal Friday to lease a building owned by the City of Reno in hopes of expanding its presence in the downtown area.

The City of Reno is making a bigger effort to work with the university to help instill more life in downtown and keep the local economy stable.

The Reno City Council will consider the proposed lease on Wednesday. If approved, the proposal will hit the floor again on November 20.

The lease includes an option to purchase the 25,000-square-foot commercial office building located at 450 Sinclair St. – a little over than a mile away from UNR campus. The proposed agreement is a 14-year lease with the City of Reno at the cost of $134,000 annually for the university.

The decision then must be approved by the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents during their meeting from December 5-6.