Student Legislative Reporters Prepare for Session Coverage

By Amanda Ketchledge

student statehouse reporters
Students live tweet during opening day of the 2015 legislative session./ CREDIT: Walanya Vongsvirates

CARSON CITY, Nev. – Most people don’t exactly know what goes on in the legislative session for Nevada, and that’s why student reporters will be telling you about the important state issues that could impact you in a big way.

From education to gun control to taxes, hundreds of bills will be heard by the state legislators and reported by the Nevada Media Alliance, bringing to light the issues the community cares about most.

“Just as responsible citizens of the world, I think we should be aware of what’s happening on a state level, what’s happening in our local communities, and as journalists, I think we have an even bigger responsibility,” said Vanessa Vancour, coordinator for The Nevada Media Alliance.

Opening day of the session on February 2, 2015 marked the first in a 120 day period.

“It’s a lot different than working in the classroom. Actually having to go out and do the reporting and getting the stories out on deadlines,” said Ryan Smith, a reporter for The Nevada Media Alliance.

By refining their skill sets and experimenting with new ways of media production, Assemblyman Pat Hickey (R) says these student journalists will be ready for their future careers.

“Should they go into broadcast or reporting or anything else, any level of journalism or writing will be a great experience for them,” said Hickey.


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