Student Leaders at UNR pass resolutions against the campus carry bill

By Walanya Vongsvirates, @walanyav

University of Nevada, Reno students packed into the Assembly Judiciary hearing this morning to be a part of the discussion on AB148, a bill that revises provisions governing concealed firearms, also known as “Campus Carry” on the UNR campus.

UNR students are concerned with two assembly bills that would allow concealed weapons on campus – AB2 which is sponsored by Assemblyman John Hambrick and AB148 sponsored by Republican Assemblywoman Michele Fiore.

Nevada student Steve Bezick expressed his support for the bills at the Associated Students Senate meeting on February 25, where they discussed resolutions against campus carry.

“The thing to recognize is by not passing concealed carry on campus, all you’re doing is creating some kind of imaginary bubble that has no effect whatsoever on actual safety. By creating this bubble on campus, all you’re doing is telling criminals they can freely bring violent acts to our campus,” said Bezick.

UNR student Ivy Ziedrich says she would feel unsafe with guns on school property.

“I am against campus carry for the same reason that the vast majority of law enforcement is against campus carry, including the Reno P.D., and it’s not only because it would make our campus less safe, but it would absolutely increase the cost of security,” said Ziedrich.

Most Republicans in the assembly are strongly backing the bill, arguing it protects Nevadans’ rights to self-defense, although it has faced opposition from other Assemblymen and women.



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