What you need to know about Senate Bill 169

I voted Sticker
I voted Sticker
Senate Bill 169 would require voters to present a valid form of ID. A valid ID must contain a recognizable photo and the person’s name and signature. CREDIT: jamelah e. FLICKR


By Gabriella Benavidez, @gdbenavidez

The Nevada Legislature is considering a bill that would require voters to present a valid ID in order to cast a ballot. Sponsored by Republican Senator James Settelmeyer, Senate Bill 169 is intended to curb voter fraud in the state.

What is considered a “valid” ID, and what are the arguments for and against SB169?

The infographic below breaks down the important elements of this bill.

Nevada Senate Bill 169

You can read the complete text of the bill here.

Additional coverage from our media partner, the Reno-Gazette Journal, available here

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