AB 2 Explainer

This bill would allow gun owners to store their weapons in vehicles parked at educational facilities, including college campuses and day care facilities.

 In Favor:

Allowing guns in cars will provide protection for students, teachers, and the gun owner on educational campuses. Guns are currently allowed to be stored in vehicles in Nevada and by not allowing them on school property, gun owners have to remember to remove their gun(s) every time they go to a school campus. If they forget to do so, they may innocently be convicted of a crime.


Allowing guns on campus undermines the school’s emergency procedures by potentially causing more confusion. Allowing people to store guns in their cars might make it easier for criminals to access weapons and use them on the campuses and cause harm.

 What is it?

Under this law, the gun must be stored in an enclosed area of the vehicle and the vehicle must be locked, unless the gun is stored in a locked container.

This bill was presented by Assemblyman Hambrick in the 2013 Legislative Session as Assembly Bill 235 but it did not pass out of the first committee by deadline.


This bill will affect students, faculty, and parents associated with educational and childcare facilities, including those in favor and opposed.  After a similar law passed in North Carolina in 2013, many people asked for greater security around parking garages as some vehicles may have guns in them. A similar law recently passed in Colorado, though many colleges and universities there have banned firearms from dorms, dining halls and event centers in response.

There is no existing information on how much this would cost, but there is information on the financial impact on campuses that have allowed guns on campus, similar to Nevada Assembly Bill 148. Since campus carry has been approved in Idaho, five of Idaho’s universities and community colleges have spent more than $1.5 million to beef up security. The schools expect total costs to top $3.7 million for the year. In Arizona the estimated costs of campus carry is $13.3 million for a one-time capital costs for gun locker bay facilities and $3.1 million annually to cover operations. Universities would also incur an additional cost to train personnel in the first year.


The Associated Students of the University of Nevada Senate passed a resolution in opposition of AB2.

President Obama is currently trying to curb gun violence by requiring more background checks for gun purchases and by banning assault weapons. Concerning guns on campuses, many people feel that more guns will simply cause more harm, whereas those in favor believe that by not passing AB2, the government would be taking away their right to bear arms.

Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah, and Wisconsin have passed similar legislation allowing guns on educational facilities.


Introduced December 19, 2014

Read for first time to assembly on February 2, 2015.

Assembly Judiciary hearing February 4, 2015.

Assembly Judiciary hearing March 18, 2015



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Photo credit: Stephen Z

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