Nevada Campuses Prepare for the Possibility of Guns

By Walanya Vongsvirates, @walanyav

RENO, Nev. – The Nevada System of Higher Education has opposed the campus carry bill since it was introduced in February to Nevada legislators. Now that the session has passed the halfway point, it seems more likely that guns on campus will become a reality, and university officials are actively preparing to face it.

“There are many, many bad, unconstitutional bills out there. I think AB 148 is one,” said NSHE Chancellor Dan Klaich during a Nevada Faculty Alliance Legislative Forum on Thursday. “We have the option of either ignoring it or suing to enjoin them. I am inclined to do the latter. These are so bad that I don’t think we can let them stand.”

According to Jason Geddes, NSHE Board of Regent of District 11, money will be directed away from the classroom to implement security measures when guns are allowed on campus, including metal detectors, signage and additional enforcement tactics.

“Expenditures that we intended to go to writing centers, student centers, tutoring, hiring professors, some of those monies will have to go to implementation of this policy,” said Geddes.

Chancellor Klaich says the reappropriation of educational funding is one of many nasty consequences of the bill.

“Without legislative funding, that’s money that comes immediately out of the academic endeavor. We then have to spend money to do things that don’t increase the transmission of knowledge which is what we’re here for,” said Klaich.

AB 148 passed out of the Assembly on April 6 with 24 votes in favor, 15 opposed and three excused. It will next be heard before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

For the latest on this bill, check out the Nevada Electronic Legislative Information System.

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