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AB 4 Explainer

AB4 EXPLAINER Headline Allow wineries to exist in counties where the population is over 100,000 people. Argument for: This bill would remove the population caps currently in place prohibiting wineries from existing in both Clark and Washoe County. This will allow Nevada to have more wineries in their more populated

SB 117

Headline: Senate Bill 117 proposes to add ­­ vaccines for Human Papillomavirus and Meningococcal virus to the list of required immunizations before a child entering school. Argument in favor: HPV is a sexually transmitted infection that is becoming more common in the United States. The infection can lead to warts and cervical

SB169 Explainer

OVERVIEW: Headline: “Should citizens be required to present proper identification to vote?” Arguments: In Favor: Helps prevent voter fraud, as there has been a history of it in the United States.  They [Voter ID laws] apply to every American citizen and is only a mere inconvenience as voters still have to