Reno students, military active members affected by government shutdown | 10.15.2013

Details: For 16 days in October, the U.S. federal government entered a shutdown, resulting to change many American citizens’ lives, one of the cities being Reno. Molly Moser speaks to two students at the University of Nevada, Reno, who are experiencing the changes that the shutdown brings upon their families and careers.

Reno festival joins Nevadans and Californians to celebrate Celtic heritage | 10.08.2013

UNR’s new fitness center receives $8M grant | 09.16.2013

Interview With Assembly Majority Leader William C. Horne | 06.28.2013

Details: Alex Pompliano talks with Assembly Majority Leader William C. Horne about a decade in the Nevada Legislature and leaving a legacy.

Ep. 7 | 05.08.2013

Details: Nicolas Cage testifies in favor of a movie tax incentive bill in Carson City.

Guest: S. Laney Olson

Ep. 6 | 05.03.2013

Details: We discuss Senate Bill 224, which would revise provisions relating to driving under the influence.

Guest: Natasha Vitale

Ep. 5 | 04.26.2013

Details: We discuss Senate Joint Resolution 13, Brianna’s Law and Nevada’s mineral taxes.

Guests: Jeri Chadwell, Scot Jenkins and Lindsay Toste

Ep. 4 | 04.19.2013

Details: We discuss looming bill deadlines for the legislature, the recently amended and passed Senate Joint Resolution 13, and expelled Assemblyman Steven Brooks’ replacement.

Guest: Jeri Chadwell

Ep. 3 | 04.12.2013

Details: A new bill would work to prevent minors from “transmitting or distributing certain images of a violent offense committed against another minor” and would also revise Nevada’s definition of cyber-bullying.

Guest: S. Laney Olson

Ep. 2 | 04.05.2013

Details: Legislature meets for the Campus Carry bill;  Assemblywoman Lucy Flores receives death threats following her statements regarding an abortion she had as a teenager.

Guests: Molly J. Moser and Jeri Chadwell

Ep. 1 | 03.29.2013

Details: Former assemblyman Steven Brooks is arrested following his recent expulsion from the Legislature; the legislature meets for the Same-Sex Marriage bill and pardoning of black heavyweight boxing champion John Arthur “Jack” Johnson.

Guests: S. Laney Olson and Natasha Vitale

Bill Would Offer Next-of Kin Registry for DMV | 03.13.2013